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KIWO adhesives at Fakuma 2015 - The perfect match

KIWO – Kissel + Wolf GmbH is a manufacturer of chemical products and offers solutions in the sectors of bonding chemicals, screen printing and textile printing chemicals, cleaning chemistry, resist and coating products. Furthermore, KIWO provides services in product development and contract production.

As known supplier in the adhesive business, KIWO will be present at Fakuma in Hall A1, stand 1133 showing product innovations for processing plastic materials.


Flock adhesives


Developing and manufacturing flock adhesives is part of our core competence. Flock fibres can be applied onto nearly any surface. The surface becomes velvet or brush-like in appearance and touch, offering various technical and optical advantages. Among others, flocking is used for finishing textiles or plastic parts, for creating thermo isolation or noise insulation and it is being applied in decoration and cosmetic industries.


Industrial adhesives


Bondings on nearly all substrates and all kinds of requirements can be accomplished with our product portfolio of industrials adhesives. Professional consulting and the option to carry out individual tests in our application laboratories enable us to find customized solutions.


Practical solutions


We offer the perfect bonding with application oriented solutions. Depending on the nature of the surface and requirements on the adhesives, customers have a choice between various systems, e.g. water or solvent based adhesives, one- or two-component products.


You can learn more at the Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen at the KIWO booth: Stand A1-1133 or at adhesives(at)





AZOCOL Z 170 FL on 400-018 special mesh; 20 µm line

A dual-cure diazo high-end photoemulsion for printing line widths under 30 microns - specifically for use in the solar industry and for printed electronics


Within the field of printed electronics, there are numerous applications in which the screenprinting process is used. These include, for example, OLEDs, touch panels and displays; in this context, we can also include LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics), MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) as well as fuel cells. At the present time, 20 microns and less can already be screenprinted effectively.


The production of solar cells (both mono and multi-crystalline cells) highlights another field, in which ever thinner, but at the same time, higher fingers of conductive silver are required. In this way, high performance cross-sections and very low light-blocking can be achieved on the silicon wafers. Screenprinting has already proved that 30 µm fine lines can be laid down as standard.


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Current Events

Systemintegration - SMT 2015 in Nürnberg, Germany

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015

05-07 May 2015, Nürnberg, Germany

SMT Hybrid Packaging is Europe´s leading event on System Integration in Micro Electronics. Enabling them to continue to play a leading role in SMD cleaning technology, KIWO will be showcasing their innovative and significantly expanded SMD cleaner series - KIWOCLEAN EL.

The perfect printing platform - FESPA 2015 in Cologne, Germany

FESPA 2015 - The Launch Platform For Print

Screenprinting stencil chemistry for perfect screen printing on glass

In the product range of screenprinting stencil chemistry, KIWO presents proven and new products for screen printing sheet and hollow glass. In addition to an extensive selection of AZOCOL and POLYCOL quality emulsions for a variety of glass printing applications, KIWO will also show advanced cleaning solutions for machine and manual cleaning processes with its CLEANLINE series.


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Glass adhesives for durable and crystal-clear bonding

A very good capillary action, which is advantageous for glass lamination and edge-bonding, is best achieved with low-viscosity adhesives. High viscosities allow selective application of the adhesive.


The bond strength of the different grades was tested on different materials. In addition to high tensile shear strengths when bonding glass to glass and various metals, secure bonding of plastics such as ABS, polyamide or PMMA is also possible.


Coloured UV glass adhesives are available in addition to the colourless versions. This provides the user with a wider variety of applications without losing bond strength, transparency and UV stability.



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