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KIWO UV glass adhesives

for permanent and crystal-clear bonding


New UV adhesive series, the crystal-clear solution for rational and safe bonding, even for special application such as a laminating adhesive to manufacture glass touch panels.

--> KIWOCURE UV - glass adhesive series

Test the KIWOCLEAN EL-Serie

Cleaning product range for SMD stencils von SMD-Schablonen, fail printed circuit boards, solder frames and condensation traps and more.

AZOCOL Z 140 - All-round, high-quality photoemulsion

Dual-cure diazo photoemulsion

AZOCOL® Z 140 is used for the production of high quality screen printing stencils. Due to its excellent imaging properties such as resolution, sharp print shoulder and tonal value replication, it is ideal for printing finest half-tones. Whatever you are printing - glass, membrane switches or graphics - AZOCOL Z 140 is a genuine all-rounder.


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Current Events

Systemintegration - SMT 2015 in Nürnberg, Germany

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015

05-07 May 2015, Nürnberg, Germany

SMT Hybrid Packaging is Europe´s leading event on System Integration in Micro Electronics.

The perfect printing platform - FESPA 2015 in Cologne, Germany

FESPA 2015 - The Launch Platform For Print

Screenprinting stencil chemistry for perfect screen printing on glass

In the product range of screenprinting stencil chemistry, KIWO presents proven and new products for screen printing sheet and hollow glass. In addition to an extensive selection of AZOCOL and POLYCOL quality emulsions for a variety of glass printing applications, KIWO will also show advanced cleaning solutions for machine and manual cleaning processes with its CLEANLINE series.


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Glass adhesives for durable and crystal-clear bonding

A very good capillary action, which is advantageous for glass lamination and edge-bonding, is best achieved with low-viscosity adhesives. High viscosities allow selective application of the adhesive.


The bond strength of the different grades was tested on different materials. In addition to high tensile shear strengths when bonding glass to glass and various metals, secure bonding of plastics such as ABS, polyamide or PMMA is also possible.


Coloured UV glass adhesives are available in addition to the colourless versions. This provides the user with a wider variety of applications without losing bond strength, transparency and UV stability.



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SBQ-based Screenprinting Emulsion Technology

Dr. Roland Studenroth, KISSEL + WOLF GmbH


 In the course of the 80s, a new technology from Japan edged its way into the screenprinting market. This was the technology of single-component emulsions based on SBQ. The abbreviation SBQ is derived from the product name "Stilbenium quarternized" and specifically means that a water-soluble, UV light-sensitive stilbene group is chemically bonded with the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) contained in emulsions (see Figure 1), so that for light sensitizing a second component, such as diazo is no longer needed. Because of it being a single-component product, the SBQ emulsion technology first experienced a boom, but also contributed at the same time to the perfectioning of the alternative dual-cure diazo technology. Today both technologies are firmly established in the market and complement each other, i.e. there is dual-cure technology also found in SBQ-sensitized products and to achieve specific properties, SBQ emulsions can be additionally mixed with diazo compounds.

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