Spray Adhesives

All-purpose spray adhesive, propellent free from fluoro-chloro-hydrocarbons

KIWOFIX SX is a spray adhesive which can be used as a contact, mounting or pressure sensitive adhesive. KIWOFIX SX is used for the safe bonding of paper, cardboard, felt, wood, metals, foam rubber, styropor and many plastics (including polystyrene). KIWOFIX SX produces a beige, slightly opaque adhesive film. The fine spray spreads evenly and thinly and therefore allows economical application. The fog-like spray jet also penetrates fine openings which are not filled by liquid or pasty adhesives. Final adhesion is achieved after 24 hours.

KIWO PowerSpray
Aerosol Contact Adhesive

KIWO PowerSpray is a spray-capable contact adhesive with high initial adhesion and temperature resistance. The main application area is the bonding of various materials such as plastics, metals, wood and wood fiber materials, leather, synthetic leather, textiles, spacer fabric, polyether-, polyester- and polyurethane foams and much more.
Not suitable for styrofoam and soft PVC.
The bonding reaches their final strength after approx. 24 hours.

MECOSOL ThermoPlus
Contact adhesive from the spray can, propellent free from CFC

MECOSOL ThermoPlus is a sprayable contact adhesive with propellent free from CFC. The main application of MECOSOL ThermoPlus is fixing textile fabrics onto printing tables during the printing process. MECOSOL ThermoPlus is especially suitable for "flash-curing"-processes. Moreover, it may be used to apply self-adhesive finishing to paper, card board, textiles and many plastics.

MECOSOL Universal
Sprayable „all purpose“ adhesive, propellent free from CFC

MECOSOL Universal is a sprayable adhesive which, depending on the application may be used as a contact, mounting or pressure sensitive adhesive. MECOSOL Universal securely adheres paper, card board, felt, wood, metal, soft foam and many other plastics incl. styrene. MECOSOL Universal forms a beige coloured, slightly opaque adhesive film. The fine adhesive drops spread evenly and thinly so that the adhesive is economically used. The fog-like spray jet fills even fine openings into which liquid or pasteous adhesives may not enter. The adherence reaches its final bonding after 24 hours approx.

Dispersion based pallets adhesive

TEXLINE FIX W is a low viscous dispersion based pressure sensitive adhesive. It is mainly used aspallet adhesive in T-shirt printing and here especially suitable for flash curing. After applying TEXLINEFIX W on the pallets it stays sticky for a very long time. It is not flammable and hence harmless inapplication.