Flocculent for the treatment of waste water (discontinuous units)

AQUAFLOCK 12 P is a powdery flocculent which is used for the coagulation of waste water with a very high solids content. It is especially suitable for the treatment of emulsion-containing waste water produced during developing and decoating. The chemical splitting process is based on three different phases:

Coagulation: Dissolved emulsion particles are being percipitated.
Flocculation: The formation of flocks for the adsorption of dirt allow filtration of the waste water.
Sedimentation: The flocks are heavier than water and sink to the bottom, whereby a quick preliminary sedimentation is reached (before the filtration).

AQUAFLOCK 12 P is used in discontinuous waste water treatment systems. Only a few chemicals are used and a minimum of dirt is produced, hence reducing costs for waste recycling and water water treatment.

Special defoaming agent for circulating water

KIWOMIX ZL 1064 is a defoaming agent free from silicone and mineral oil. It is used in the circulating baths of automatic decoating and degreasing units. It can easily be dispersed in water and produces an unstable emulsion causing a rapid collapse of the foam which usually occurs.

Alkaline neutralisation agent for circulation units

KIWOMIX ZL 1071 is used for neutralizing acid waste water, e.g. circulation decoating solutions, before leading it into the sewer system.