KIWO HygienePlus
Ready-to-use disinfectant for hands and surfaces according to WHO formulation
Product benefits
  • disinfectant for hands, for external use only
  • can also be used to clean alcohol-resistant surfaces. Check material compatibility and effect before use
  • formulation for hand disinfection recommended by the World Health Organization WHO) and approved by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (baua) by the general decree dated March 20th, 2020
  • available in 4 sizes

KIWO HygienePlus

KIWO HygienePlus is a WHO-recommended, alcohol-based handrub. For external use only.
Please follow further instructions of the Technical Information and Material Safety Data Sheet.


  • put a suffi cient amount of disinfectant in your cupped, dry hands
  • keep hands moist with the undiluted preparation during the entire exposure time
  • overall, hygienic hand disinfection should be carried out over a period of at least 30 seconds
  • special attention to main contact points, fi ngertips, thumb and nail fold
  • do not wear rings or watches; as short as possible, unpainted fi ngernails
  • according to the recommendation of the Verbund für Angewandte Hygiene e.V. (VAH), the process should be carried out twice in succession with at least 3 ml each in order to achieve a sufficiently bactericidal effect in accordance with EN 1500

Side effects:
If used frequently, disinfectants can cause skin irritation (redness, burning). Contact allergies are also possible.


  • appearance: clear liquid
  • alcohol concentration 75 - 85 %
  • shelf life: 12 month in originally closed containers

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KIWO HygienePlus Gel T
KIWO HygienePlus Gel T is a ready-to-use hand disinfectant according to WHO formulation, based on ethanol. Filled in a 100ml tube.

Application: Rub the hands with approx. 3 ml gel and keep them moist for at least 30 seconds. 100g contain 70g of ethanol.

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