KIWO ProfiWash
Hand developing spray gun for screen printing photoemulsions

The KIWO PROFIWASH is a valuable tool for the manual developing of screen printing photoemulsions.Due to its fine spray of water through the three nozzles, stencils can be developed efficiently. Evenhighly water resistant photoemulsions and/ or slightly overexposed details can often still be opened.

KIWO ScreenBrush #1-#4
Special brushes for screen printing

The KIWO screen brushes are used to transfer screen printing chemicals onto the stencil. The brushes' bodies are made of chemical resistant plastic, the bristles of monofil plastic threads. In order to prevent contamination of the bristles, their ends are not spliced. The different lengths of the bristles are adapted to the dedicated purpose of the brush and optimize the transfer of chemical products onto the stencil without mechanical damage.

An ergonomical shaped handle facilitates a non-tiring handling of the brushes. At the end of the handle there is a hole to suspend the brushes after use. For each application the brushes are marked on their back. The colour is an additional control for the user.

The range of KIWO screen brushes:

ScreenBrush #1: Degreasing; Colour of the bristles: White; Bristles: Long; Hardness of the Bristles: Soft

ScreenBrush #2: Intermediate Treatment; Colour of the bristles: Blue; Bristles: Long; Hardness of the Bristles: Soft

ScreenBrush #3: Decoating; Colour of the bristles: Green; Bristles: Long; Hardness of the Bristles: Soft

ScreenBrush #4: Post-Treatment; Colour of the bristles: Red; Bristles: Medium; Hardness of the Bristles: Medium

Self-adhesive, metallic polyester tape

KIWOBAND 620 is used to cover, strengthen and quickly repair stencils. Especially when printing largequantities or when using a high squeegee pressure, it is recommended to apply KIWOBAND 620 on the printing side at the squeegee ends and the ink rest respectively. This increases the resistance of thestencil and prevents ink breaking through onto the substrate. KIWOBAND 620 can also be used formarking and decorating.


KIWOSTAT SPRAY is a highly efficient screen printing auxiliary with anti-electrostatic properties. It used used to protect screens against static electricity occuring in low relative air humidity. KIWOSTAT SPRAY prevents substrates sticking to the printing screen and avoids ink problems caused by static electricity.

Universally suitable for other applications: KIWOSTAT SRAY prevents static electricity on carpets, decoration articles, furniture cloth and clothing. It solves electrostatic problems in spinning, twisting, weaving, knitting and textile finishing.

KIWO ExpoCheck
Exposure calculator

With two separate resolution patterns for coarse, medium and fine meshes, as well as a 9-step grey filter pattern it is the perfect measuring and controlling instrument for the determination of the optimum exposure time. Applicable for every exposure unit and every copying material. A user manual is enclosed with the exposure calculator.