Frame Laquers

ESTELAN 700-Series
Two-component screen lacquer

ESTELAN 700 lacquer is a universally applicable two-component screen lacquer. After hardening it has a very good resistance to solvents such as alcohols, glycols, ketones, ester, white spirits and aromates as well as aqueous chemicals, acids and lyes in concentrations commonly used in screen and textile printing. It is mainly used to block-out the screen permanently and to protect the screen adhesive against aggressive solvents as used e.g. in screen washing units. ESTELAN 700 lacquer can also be used as a reinforcing lacquer (post-lacquering of the screen). It has a good adhesion to mesh, photoemulsion, wood and metal.  

Hardener: KIWODUR RD.
Reducing/Cleaning: KIWOSOLV L 74.

Laquers of the ESTELAN 700-Series are available in following colours:

Red: ESTELAN 700 Red

Blue: ESTELAN 700 Blue

ESTELAN 224-Series
Screen lacquer for protecting the adhesive in the screen mesh bonding area

ESTELAN 224 lacquer is a humidity-curing, one-component lacquer. After hardening it has a very goodresistance to solvents and chemicals. Mainly used to protect the screen adhesive (e.g. KIWOBONDseries) against aggressive solvents especially used in screen washing units. ESTELAN 224 lacquer has aperfect adhesion to screen adhesives, meshes, photoemulsions, wood and metal.

You can order ESTELAN 224 Lacquers coloured as follows:

Yellow: ESTELAN 224 Yellow

Red: ESTELAN 224 Red