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Contract manufacturing of chemical products

Do you want to manufacture chemical products with your own formulations, but do not have the appropriate manufacturing facilities, capacities or permits?


We would be happy to take on this task for you!


We offer a full service:
from simple filling, procuring all raw materials, producing according to customer-specific formulations, all the way up to filling, labelling and shipping

Of course, all this is done maintaining your formulations in strictest confidence – you can rely on us as your trustworthy partner.

Contract production and contract processing

Stainless Steel Production Reactors


Quality Management/ R&D Services

Your benefits at a glance

  • cover production peaks
  • Save large investments in personnel and machinery
  • Reliable contract manufacturing
  • Temporary bridging for new projects
  • Lower storage costs and handling
  • Short or long term outsourcing
  • Fast availability of your products with low risk
  • Improved security of supply
  • Expanding your business capacities
  • Completion of your business concept and offer


Many well-known companies have taken advantage of our know-how in contract manufacturing.

Our modern equipment, the possibility of manufacturing in explosion protection, as well as the many years of experience of our staff, guarantee high-quality and safe manufacture of your chemical products.

Stainless Steel Production Reactors

Sophisticated recipes are manufactured in stainless steel reactors. The mixing and reaction tanks have a capacity of 70 to 4,000 litres, so that a wide variety of batch sizes and upscaling can be implemented. With the help of different agitators, products with a viscosity of up to 60,000 mPas are possible.

Temperature-controlled containers enable oruction at process temperatures of up to 100°C and under a vacuum of max. 30 mbar. Special explosion protection devices enable the approved processing of products under explosion protection (Ex protection zone 0). Production under nitrogen atmosphere is also possible.


Corrosive, flammable and explosive or dust-explosive hazardous substances can also be processed and produced under these conditions.


Filling/ labelling/ packing/ palletizing

The filling takes place on semi and fully automatic filling systems, like:

  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Canisters
  • Buckets
  • Barrels
  • Containers

Quality Management / R&D Services

Quality management has played an increasing role in recent years.

We control the quality of raw materials and finished products in our own laboratories using the latest analysis facilities and special systems.

In addition, our R&D department has a full range of testing facilities. Our production departments are supported by our QC laboratories.

Modern storage areas, also for hazardous materials, provide space for raw materials or manufactured goods. You benefit from our management and IT system, which we have been continuously developing in a practice-oriented manner for decades.

Our staff, both in production and development, have experience with advanced pilot production systems for e.g. mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and dissolving.

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