Resists & Coatings

Resists & Coatings

A resist masks a surface partially with a certain design or coves it all over before finishing, further processing or transporting the material, i.e. it protects a surface against external influence. Applications such as etching, sand blasting, sputtering and selective brushing of metal surfaces are in the focus of the sales programme.

A new and technically interesting area, which opens up many possibilities.

Transfer method
UV-curable Resist for selective brushing of metal surfaces, partial sandblasting and for masking surfaces prior to sputter coating. (PVD).

KIWOMASK UV 7322 VP stands out with its very good printing and good cross-linking properties. After cross-linking using a UV light source, the surface is non-sticky and has high mechanical resistance. After partial surface treatment, the resist can be very easily removed either with a solution of 2 – 5 % sodium hydroxide or 3 – 7% sodium carbonate, as well as simply with water.

UV curing resist for selective etching and brushing of metal surfaces, e.g. for the production of vehicle interior parts or industry signs.

Besides very good mechanical resistance, KIWOMASK UV 871 is also resistant against acidic etching processes (e.g. ferric(III) chlorid). Excellent printing properties facilitate a sharp-edged print of finest structures. Cross linking by UV light provide short processing cycles without drying time. Aside from the common stripping methods with slightly alkaline stripping products, it can be removed with hot water (60 ° – 80 ° C / 140 ° – 175 ° F).

KIWOMASK Z 865/2 is both a screen and tampon printable etch and galvano resist for glass and metal surfaces.

This product series has very good resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions in etching and galvano baths, as well as to solutions containing hydrogen fluoride (HF).
The resists are ready to use, but may thinned or retarded with KIWOSOLV L 14.
In order to prevent the product from drying on the stencil while printing, KIWOSOLV L 88 can be added to resists. For application on glass, we also recommend the additive KIWOMIX AP 1012 to increase the adhesion.

[Translate to English:] KIWOMASK W 850 Etch
Thermically curable sputter resist for glass surfaces.

KIWOMASK W 850 Etch is suitable for physical, vacuum-based coating processes (PVD, magnetron sputter coating) and comes with a good resistance to aqueous cleaning processes. Stripping can be done with soda, soda or potash lye (3 – 5 %), with mild organic solvents (e.g. KIWOCLEAN LM 606) or the ready-to-use solution PREGASOL R 800.

Resist for decorative sputter coating of architectural glass.

KIWOMASK IJ 510 is applied to the surface to be coated using a flatbed digital printer for solvent inks. The resist masks the areas that are not sputtered. After the coating process, the resist can easily be removed in a manual or mechanical cleaning process with KIWOCLEAN LM 606.


UV-curing sandblasting resist for metal, natural stone, ceramics and glass surfaces.

Besides good sandblasting resistance, KIWOMASK® UV 160 / 2 is also resistant to water and organic solvents. Can be easily removed as film. The transparent blue colouring (greenish / yellow after UV cross-linking) offers a good contrast to control print quality, however, at the same time enables the recognition of overprinted designs.

Screen-printable, UV curing protective film for plastic surfaces

KIWOMASK UV 161/1 Red is a screen-printable, UV-curable, “liquid protective film”. It is eminently suitable for partial or all-over protection of scratch-sensitive plastic surfaces, like displays and control elements, needing post-processing like e.g. printing, separation or die-cutting.

Screen-printable and removable protective film based on aqueous polymers.

After the application by screen printing and drying, KIWOMASK S 112 protects component, especially plastic film, against mechanic damage.

KIWOMASK S 116 HV / S 117 LV
KIWOMASK S 116 HV / S 117 LV are transparent, “liquid“ protective films for coating scratch- and dirt-sensitive surfaces, e.g. to protect against spray mist in paint booths.

Both are water-based products and are supplied ready to use for different methods of application. KIWOMASK® S 116 HV (HV = high viscosity) has a thicker consistency and is applied preferably with a paintbrush or roller on the surface to be coated. KIWOMASK® S 117 LV (LV = low viscosity) is thinner and supplied ready to use for spray, dip or curtain coating.

KIWOMASK W 122 Colourless
Easily removable “liquid” protective film for the all over protection of glass, plastic metal and other scratch-sensitive surfaces.

KIWOMASK W 122 Colourless is colourless, water based and can be reduced with deionized or distilled water. After drying, the resist forms a flexible, water resistant and easily removable protective film. Also available as low viscous, white version KIWOMASK W 120.

“Liquid“ protective film which can either be applied over a large area or partially coated onto the surface to be protected.

KIWOMASK W 128 is colourless, water-based and can be diluted with deionized or distilled water to adjust viscosity. After drying, it is water resistant and very resistant to mechanical stress. For instance, applied as a temporary protection onto scratch-sensitive surfaces (such as glass, metal and various
plastics) prior to further processing steps. It can be dyed black colour by adding MECOCOLOR AF Black and be easily removed as a film again.