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Newly developed KIWOMASK S 116 HV and KIWOMASK S 117 LV are transparent, “liquid" protective films for coating scratch- and dirt-sensitive surfaces, e.g. to protect against spray mist in paint booths. Both are water-based products.
They only differ in viscosity and are supplied ready to use for different methods of application.

KIWOMASK S 116 HV (HV = high viscosity) has a thicker consistency and is applied preferably with a paintbrush or roller on the surface to be coated. KIWOMASK S 117 LV (LV = low viscosity) is thinner and supplied ready to use for spray, dip or curtain coating.

If necessary, the resists can also be diluted with de-ionised or distilled water.
After drying, KIWOMASK S 116 HV and KIWOMASK S 117 LV form a solvent-resistant, easily removable protective film that can also be washed off with water.

KIWOMASK S 116 HV and KIWOMASK S 117 LV are suitable for providing a protective coating for glass, non-rustproof metal parts, galvanised, painted or powder-coated metals and plastic surfaces.
Due to the high level of transparency, both products are also suitable for use as a protective coating for inspection windows and remaining clear, does not affect visibility.

For example, we have MARQUARDT GmbH reporting a success story: MARQUARDT uses KIWOMASK S 116 HV to protect the conformal coating system.
When conformal protective lacquer is applied to printed circuit boards with a spray unit, spray mist is created which would contaminate the system. In order to prevent this, the automotive supplier decided to use the new KIWO resist and thus eliminate complex cleaning work on the machine.

Figure 4 shows how the protective film is removed under UV light. The blue areas on the film represent the areas contaminated by spray which - without the resist - would have ended up on the system.

Another resist application is the all-over coating or partial protection of frames for conformal coating applications. Regardless of which type of conformal coating lacquer is used.
KIWOMASK S 116 HV or KIWOMASK S 117 LV only serve as a protective coating between the frame and the conformal coating lacquer. The frames can be cleaned in an ultrasound system with warm water, for example. KIWOMASK S 116 HV and KIWOMASK S 117 LV completely dissolve in water, and only the conformal coating lacquer remains on the frame and can be easily peeled or washed off (see Figure 5).
The frames for conformal coating remain as new, even after repeated use.

Neither KIWOMASK S 116 HV nor KIWOMASK S 117 LV contain any materials, which are dangerous to health. Both products do not require any form of hazard labelling. No aggressive cleaners are required as the resist can be simply peeled off or removed with water.

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Image 1: Application of KIWOMASK S 117 LV with a spray gun

Image 2: High transparency of KIWOMASK S 117 LV

Image 3: Removing KIWOMASK S 116 HV Resist

Image 4: Conformal coating system under UV light, protected by the KIWOMASK S 116 HV Resist (coloured blue by UV light)

Image 5: Conformal coating lacquer remaining after cleaning off the resist

Image 6: Conformal coating frame with conformal coating lacquer

Image 7: Conformal coating frame after cleaning