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Artistic Project with Flock

Please touch and feel!


"Designing, discarding and re-formatting is a creative act in constant interaction, which the 4th semester graphic and fashion students have set themselves on the topic of ‘Icarus’ for their subjects ‘Artistic Project’ and ‘Experimental Project’. Thus read the flyers and invitations to an exhibition at the Dresden City Museum that was organised last year by the Design Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden.

With honeycomb panels made ​​of cardboard and other amazing materials, seven graphic and six fashion design students interpreted the ancient Greek legend ‘Icarus’ anew - every student in his own way. Their transformations into modern themes and imagery resulted in different fashion creations, folding figures, a short film etc.

Among them, two graphic students, who were inspired in their project called "Development" by origami, the Japanese art of folding. They folded 6 huge boards to various figures and processed them with different techniques.

During the drafting of the concept they had the idea that these folding figures should not only be a visual but also a haptic highlight. And so the idea emerged to flock the figures in different colours. After the first test, the enthusiasm was great: the colours eminently suitable, the velvety surface was fantastic and the effect of the overall work was unique. Then followed endless busy days when all the boards were primed and flocked.

The resulting art object is described by the two students, Cindy Burggraf and My Nguyen in their flyer as: "Without external influence, life is drab and chilly. Through experience and human relations, it breaks out of its restraints, being replaced by warmth, colour and development. The whole world is filled with diverse individuals. Each has their own abilities and talents. How do I become an individual? How do I spread my wings and stand out from the crowd? How is a blank sheet of paper converted to a complex folded figure? In six stages, the project "Development" describes breathing life into a lifeless body. From a square panel reaching expectantly into the room which changes to an upright form. Step by step, the basic figure unfolds further and provides new insight characteristics. The individual figures offer themselves up for haptic exploration and examination of the process imagery shown."

In museums and exhibitions, it is usually not allowed to touch the exhibited objects, but here it was different - here touch was specifically requested.  

At this point the Fachhochschule Dresden (FHD) would like to thank the sponsors not only for the flock fibres and the flock adhesive, but also for their quick and uncomplicated advice. Heartfelt thanks to "Flock Depot GmbH", Stuttgart and "KIWO - Kissel + Wolf GmbH", Wiesloch!

Images: Fachhochschule Dresden (FHD)
Text: B. Mrozik, FHD


Ikarus 1

Ikarus 3

Ikarus 4

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Images: FHD